10 Ideas to solve your kids school holiday boredom

I never had little ones at home with me when I was teaching and on term break but I can imagine that after the first few days the novelty might wear off and they could be starting to get quite bored. So I have made a list of 10 activities that you can do with your little ones that cost almost nothing.


In the lead up to the school holidays have your little ones make a list and write their ideas on pieces of paper or paddle pop sticks, then place the ideas in a jar. I am hoping that these ideas will save you from  hearing ‘I’m bored’ too many times.


1.Make a cubby/fort

Once your little ones have made the cubby, (probably using every item from your linen cupboard) they could read in it and maybe even have a sleep over.


2.Book art inspired by the illustrations in the book

Encourage your little ones to look at the type of illustrations in a book and see if they can create similar illustrations. Here are some suggestion of books with unique illustrations that you could begin with.

Eric Carle – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Use wet tissue paper or different shades of paint to create your own illustrations.

David McKee – Elmer

Make some patchwork elephants using small squares of paper.


3.Make up your own card or board game

The holidays are a great opportunity to play some games. Encourage your little one to make up their own card or board game.


4.Write your own story

Using paper stapled together and some pencils your little one can become an author and an illustrator of their very own book.


5.Make cards for some upcoming birthdays.

If you have a little one who loves being crafty, head down to the dollar store and grab some blank cards and a few art supplies. If you want to be really organised you could start making some Christmas cards.  I love Christmas time so I am always happy to start the celebrations early.


6.Put on a puppet show

Your little ones could use puppets to retell one of their favourite stories or create their own story and tell it using puppets and some of their one hundred soft toys.


7.Do some baking

Kids love baking and during the busy school term it can be hard to find time to bake with your little ones.  Roll up your sleeves, find a recipe and be get ready for the mess.


8.Head out on a picnic

It is coming into my favourite time of the year, Spring. Its not too hot, not too cold, the birds are singing the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. Pack up the family and head out on a picnic. You could head out for a walk (maybe a bear hunt) and find a nice picnic spot along the way.


9.Visit the library

This is something else that can be hard to do during term when life is busy. Head down to your library and borrow some new books.


10.Go to the Park

You could head to a park that you have been to before. If you are not sure where to head have a look on this playground finder app. http://www.playgroundfinder.com/app/


Show me what you and your little ones get up to during these school holidays. I would love to see your art, craft, creations and adventures @grow_to_know on Instragram.

You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ~ Dr. Seuss

Happy Holidays

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