10 Open Ended Questions That Will Get Your Little One Talking About School

As a parent/guardian, doing a follow up on what your child learnt in school is very important. How do you carry out this follow up? What questions do you ask them? Most of us go for the standard question, ‘What did you do at school today?”. Routinely, most of us probably do not get any response whatsoever. However, we can phrase these questions in a more open ended, creative and guiding way so as to get the response we require. Here are some question ideas that will hopefully get your little one talking. These questions are open ended and they will hopefully get more than a yes or no response.

1 Did someone help you today?

2 What story was read to you today?

3 Did you read a story today?

4 Who did you play with during lunch and recess?

5 Tell me the names of the people that sat on your desk today.

6 What happened at school today that made you laugh?

7 What is different about school this year?

8 Can you teach me a new game you learnt at school today/this week?

9 What is your favourite game to play at lunch and recess?

10 What made you laugh at school today?

I hope you get to find out what your little one has been up to at school using some of these questions.

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