How to Help Your Little One develop a LOVE for Writing

It doesn’t matter what the writing looks like. Essentially, it does not matter if there are any letters/numbers at all. Any marks on the page is your little one building their confidence in becoming a writer. Help your little one by encouraging them to write a variety of text types.


Writing a Letter 

If you have friends of family that live interstate this is a good opportunity to write them a letter and head to the post office so that your child can post the letter.


Story Writing

Encourage your child to make up their own stories children have wonderful imaginations and it is important that we foster this in them.


Writing a Card 

Rather than buying a friend or family member a car for their Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, have your child make a card. You can get blank card and envelope packs from most dollar stores or you could help your child to make their own.


To Do List

When you, your child or your family has a lot to do, encourage them to write their own to do list. They will love having their own list and ticking items off as they complete them.


Shopping List

Before heading to the supermarket (or doing your groceries online) when you are writing a shopping list, have a piece of paper and pen for your child to write their own while watching you. If you have your shopping list on the friend have a piece of paper on the fridge for your child.


Packing List

If you and your family are heading away encourage your child to make their own list as to what they need to take with them. After writing their list they can even pack their clothes. Don’t forget to check their packing before you head away otherwise they may be taking a suitcase full of stuffed toys.


Note on a Message Board

If you have a family message board, encourage your child to write their own messages on the board.



Have your child help you while writing an (non business) email. Encourage your child to find the correct letters on the key board.


Text Message

Have your child help you write a text message to a friend or family member. Let’s face it technology is the way of the future and we don’t want our children to be left behind.


Planning a Party

If your child is having a birthday party have your child help you plan the party. Your child can write the guest list, plan the party games and help to write the shopping list.



1 Remember to praise ever all of the child’s writing attempts, before and after giving them constructive criticism.

2 Encourage your child to think about the purpose of their intended text before they begin writing.

3 Questions that you could ask your little one could include:

– Who is going to read this?

-What would you like to tell the person who is going to read this?

-What type of writing should I use? (Card, letter, list etc.)

We would love to see your child’s writing share your child’s writing on Instagram at @grow_to_know.


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