Hi, I’m Aly, a Teacher and Mum of two with a passion for learning through play and helping families discover the teachable moments in everyday life.

Before becoming a Mum in Feb 2016 I was a teacher and spent most of my years in Preschool, Kindergarten and Year One. I have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Teaching, I am married to my best friend, Ben and I am a Mum to two little ones Houston and Annabelle who are the reason I now drink coffee. Becoming a Mum has been a dream come true but it sure isn’t always picture perfect.

This is a place where you can find ideas to support your child’s learning at home in between the crazy life of raising children. I am not about setting aside hours of time to help your child learn, grow, prepare for Big School and beyond. My aim for Grow to Know is to support busy parents who want to help their child learn and grow through achievable and fun ways at home.

I would love to see your child and family learning at home. Share your learning with us on Instagram @grow_to_know

I hope you have found or will find something that you can use to help your child learn at home.

Aly x


Photos taken by Samara Gentle http://samaragentlephotography.com/

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