Activity Bags for my Little One

I recently had my second baby. Before my second little one was born I put together some busy bags for my toodler to have on hand for the many times that I knew I would have my hands full.

My little one has been really enjoying using scissors and stickers and because I know that these activities keep him busy I have tried to incorporate scissors and stickers into many of the activity bags.


Stamps and Paper

Stamps and Paper

I found these letter stamps from Kmart recently. I have only put a few of the stamps into this activity bag. I have chosen to put letters that will give me and my little one the opportunity to spell out ‘Dad’ and ‘Mum’. You could also include the letters of your child’s name.



Fat Crayons and Paper Web

Crayons and Paper

My little one has never seen these crayons before so I am hoping that he will be excited to use them when he opens this bag.



colour paper and pegs web

Peg and Cardboard Colour Match

I gathered some pegs and then  searched through my stash of coloured paper and card to find some coloured card to match.


scented stickers and paper

Scented Stickers 

Stickers can be quite tricky to peel off and practising this activity helps little ones build up muscle strength in their fingers. The fruit stickers are scented too.


White onto black paper web

White Pencil on Black Paper

Rather than using the ordinary coloured pencils on white paper, this activity is made a little more interesting by using a white pencil on black paper.



3 Scissors and Paper

Scissor Practise

As I have mentioned my little one does love using scissors, this activity bag has three different types of scissors from Crayola and lots of different types of paper and cardboard. Using scissors is a skill that every little one needs.


White dot onto coloured paper web

White Stickers on Black Paper

This is another way of using stickers and another opportunity to practise fine motor skills.



Wool and Scissors

Cutting Wool

Another fun and simple way to practise scissor skills.



DIY number Puzzle web

DIY Number Puzzle

We have so many of these number foam stickers, so I decided to make a DIY number puzzle by tracing each number onto squares of paper.



I hope that you can use some of these ideas to create your own busy bags 🙂

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  1. Aly,
    These activity bags are a fantastic idea. We use these sorts of activities at preschool here in the ACT.
    I love your blog and Instagram stories and have shared it with my cousin who has an almost 3 year old and a 6 month old.

    1. Hi,
      They keep my little one busy on many occasions.
      Glad to hear, I hope she has been able to find something useful.

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