Button Christmas Tree Cards

I have always loved giving hand made items at Christmas time. I would like to be an amazing cook and bake yummy treats to hand out, but I am a super basic cook and I am yet to bake anything that is gift worthy. Christmas craft is more my thing and I stick to what I do best! Now that I have a little one to be my helper, I am even more excited to do Christmas craft. We recently made these Christmas Tree Cards to hand out to our family and friends.

Button and Paper Christmas Tree Cards

All you and your little one need to make these cards for gifting

-Assorted size and colour, Buttons

-Green paper (many different shades)

-Blank cards and envelopes (we used white)

-PVA Glue

-Glue Stick

-A3 piece of white paper



-Triangle template

-Star cut outs


How to make the Christmas Tree cards

1) Have your little one tear up all of the green paper into pieces about the size of a 50cent piece.


pieces of paper for Christmas Tree Cards

2)Using a glue stick, paste the green paper pieces onto the A3 sheet of paper, making sure that there are no gaps.


Button Christmas Tree Cards

3)Using a triangle template, cut trees out of the A3 piece of paper.


Button Christmas Tree Cards

4)With a glue stick, have your little one paste the triangles on to the blank cards.


Button Christmas Tree Cards

5) Put blobs of PVA glue onto the Christmas trees and have fun decorating as you and your little one add the buttons onto the tree.

6)Finish your holiday tree off with a star on top, and then encourage your little one to write a message on your handmade card.

Button Christmas Tree Cards




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