Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Little Ones


Wow where has the year gone? I cannot believe that it is already Easter!


I am starting to think about Easter and what I am going to get my little one. My little one is only 2 and I really don’t want him eating a lot of chocolate. I am thinking that if the ‘Easter Bunny’ hides other gifts on Easter Sunday then it might distract him from the chocolate, fingers crossed! Here are some chocolate free gift ideas that I have found.



Dough My Dear has created some chocolate scented play dough just in time for Easter

Doughmy Dear playdough



I have recently discovered these amazing natural wax and non toxic crayons. They do stock Easter crayons but I also love the personalised name crayons.

Funny Little Things Crayons
Image: Funny Little Things Crayons


Easter Egg Chalk

Easter Egg shaped chalk from

Egg Chalk
Image: Micador


Personalised Tote Bags

I love these personalised tote bags from

They do have an Easter Gift bag but I also love the personalised busy bag, book and toy bag.

Small Print Design Easter Bag
Image: Small Print Design


Easter Memory Set

My Little Set has a beautiful Easter Egg matching game along with many other beautiful things.

Easter Egg Memory My Little Set
Image: My Little Set


Colour Matching Eggs

I just love these pastel colour matching eggs from Makim Beautiful These would be a fun activity for your little one to do at any time of the year.

Makim Beautiful
Image: Makim Beautiful



I think every Easter throughout my childhood I got a pair of Pyjamas. I am thinking that this is a new tradition that I might start with my little one too.



Your little one can never have to many books and books make a great chocolate free gift. There are so many great Easter books but you don’t have to get just Easter books.



Happy shopping and Happy Easter to you and your family.



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