Easy Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

I actually love wrapping gifts for Christmas. Every year I search for wrapping paper to match my decorations. My goal every year is to have all my Christmas shopping done, gifts wrapped, and under the tree by the 1st of December. I am yet to achieve this goal… maybe next year!!

Early this year, I picked up some wooden Christmas cut outs and I had been wondering what to do with them. Recently, I was in Kmart picking up some things for my little one and I found wooden gift tags, which inspired an idea for my own tags.


Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

All you need

-PVA Glue

-Glitter (any colour, I used silver for that super sparkly effect

-Paint brush

-Silver paint

-Wooden gift tags

-Wooden Christmas cut outs


My method

1) I mixed up some silver paint with the PVA and spread it over a third of each wooden gift tag. I let my little one do the stirring, he is such a wonderful helper even though he likes to stick his fingers in the glue.

2) While the paint was drying, we sprinkled the tags with silver glitter.

3) Once the glitter was dry, I painted the back of the wooden Christmas cut outs with PVA glue and let my little one stick them on to each gift tag.


Wooden Christmas Gift Tags


4) Once the wooden Christmas cut outs were glued on, my little one sprinkled some more glitter on top, to stop any white glue drying hard.


Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

This was a fun and practical craft to do with my little one. He got to get messy with glue and glitter and I got awesome handcrafted wood tags for our loved one’s gifts.

Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

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