How to make reading fun

There is so much to be gained from reading a book to your little one. Not only will you be spending quality time together but there is a whole lot of learning happening too!

When I was younger I have to be honest, I definitely wasn’t a book worm. Reading was a chore to me and something that I had to do rather than something I wanted to do. I know that you definitely can’t ‘make‘ your child love anything  but you can do your best to encourage them.  As the saying goes ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’.

As a parent you want to help build your child’s love for reading and excitement for books. Help your little one to enjoy reading by allowing them to choose the books. If your child is becoming bored with their books, head to the library or do a book swap with another family. Read them books that they are interested in and make reading an enjoyable experience.

Make reading more enjoyable by reading in lots of different places.

Fun places to read with your children

See how long it takes you to read in all of these places download your free checklist here.


My favourite sound in the whole world is a child’s giggle.  A child laughing while reading or listening to a book being read, means that they are enjoying the book. Don’t be afraid to be silly and make your little one giggle. You could read using a silly voice, read to a puppet, read the book as if you are a puppet or read with a funny accent.


If your little one is like most other active children and doesn’t want to sit and talk about a book, you could continue to foster a love for reading through an art and craft activity.  You can help your little one connect with the story and explore the topics, characters and setting of the book through lots of activities, below are some examples.

– Make a character from the book out of recyclable materials

– Make a diorama of a scene out of the book

– Draw the setting of the story or a scene from the book

– Act out the story using toys (Lego men, Barbies or soft toys as characters)

– Retell the story to another sibling or family member


Reading can be more than books.  Here are some examples of other reading material that you can read to or help your little one read during everyday activities.

Reading on the run

Print this free downloadable list and keep it somewhere handy for you and your family.

I would love to see your fun reading spots, book creations and reading on the run ideas. Tag me in your Instagram posts @grow_to_know

Have fun reading with your little one.

Reading other than books

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