School Readiness Toolkit (Kit One)

This is a great gift idea for the kid who has everything! Or maybe for the family who asked for ‘no toys’ or maybe the new mum who has a new baby! These kits have been carefully designed by  qualified teachers, to assist with preparing your child for school, developing confidence and building a love of learning.



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These kits have been carefully designed by two qualified teacher-mums, to help prepare your child fo school.  Each kit contains a term’s worth (10 weeks) of re-useable, tangible, quality resources and activities that will help to develop confidence and a love of learning.

We strongly believe that preparing your child for school is so much more than printables and tracing, so we have included learning experiences to develop fine and gross motor skills, reading foundations, writing foundations, problem solving skills, language skills, math foundations, assist with social and emotional development and more.

You will also find simple and easy to follow teaching guides and tips for parents.  We know a lot of you aren’t classroom teachers, but you ARE your child’s first teacher.  We want to show you how to teach your child, what is important for school readiness and guide you through some wonderful one-on-one time with your little one before they head off to school full time.

As qualified teachers and mums, Kirsty and myself started designing, planning and building these kits to help ease parents’ minds and assist with preparing children for school.  We know what it’s like as busy mums and how difficult it can be to find that time to plan and prepare things to do with your child, not to mention the big, black hole that is Pinterest!  And as teachers of the early years, we see a lot of children coming to school who are not yet ready or have been pushed to learn incorrect things.


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