School Supplies that your little one will need at the start of Big School

I love the feeling of a fresh start and getting all new supplies for projects during the year. If you are preparing for your little one head of to Big School for the first time, I bet that you are feeling more than just excitement over finding new supplies. You’re probably thinking, “oh my goodness! how is my little (once baby) already heading off to Big School?


Here is a list of common items that your little one is going to need when they start Big School, along with a few tips to help you choose the right items.


Lunch Box and Drink Bottle

Make sure that your little one can open their own lunch box and mark your little one’s name on them.


Library Bag

At some schools, if your little one doesn’t have a library bag they won’t be able to borrow any books. Just make sure that the library bag is big enough to fit most size books. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to get a fancy bag any reusable shopping bag with your little ones name on it will be fine.


School bag

The school may require your little one to have a school bag with the school logo on it, often these bags are really big for kinder students. Your little one’s may struggle to find theirs among all the other bags. So, if your child is going to have a school backpack, it may be a good idea to get a keyring or some kind of obvious tag, to put onto your little one’s bag so that theirs stands out from all the other kids bags and they won’t feel lost or grab the wrong backpack by mistake.


If you have the option to purchase your own back pack, where do you begin, right? The main thing that you need to consider is making sure that everything can actually fit in your little one’s school bag. Generally, each day your little one will need to fit their drink bottle, lunch box, hat, jacket and a notes folder (see below) into their bag. So, pick one with plenty of room and pockets to help them with organisation.


Notes Folder

This is definitely an optional extra item but something worth considering because it helps your little ones to stay organised. Some schools may have provided a notes folder for each child in the stationary pack. You could wait until your little one starts ‘Big’ school and see if this is the case. It could also be worth checking to see whether your little ones school uses an email system, if this is the case then you most likely won’t need a notes folder at all.



You may have already purchased one as part of your uniform pack, if not, you will need to have one before your little one starts school. Most ‘Big’ schools these days require your child to have a legionnaires or bucket hat. Often schools will have a no hat no play policy and you don’t want your little one missing out on playtime. It may also be a good idea to put a spare hat in your little ones bag just in case their hat goes missing, this happens a lot!



Now that your little one is in ‘Big School’, they will wear a uniform. The school will often give you the option of purchasing school uniforms from the school with the logo on them. Or you may be able to purchase your little one’s uniform in the school colours from other shops. I have found that purchasing your little one’s uniform from other shops can often be a little cheaper. Here are some that I found at Target.

Here is an example of what I would buy to start the year off right!


3 T-shirts

3 Shorts

2 Jumpers

1 Pair of pants



2 T-shirts

2 Dresses

1 Pair of pants

1 Pair of shorts

1 Skirt

2 Jumpers

3 Pairs of scungies (to go over underwear).



If you live in Australia there is a good chance that your little one will not be needing a jacket during their first term of Big School. As long as your little one has a jumper to start the year off, you can save this expense till next month.



If you and your child walk to school, a raincoat is something that you may need to think about for you both! However, your child isn’t going to need a raincoat once they are at school because your little one’s school will have wet weather play arrangements, which means that the children will play inside or in covered areas.


I hope this starter list has helped you get ideas flowing to help prepare your little one to be ready for their new adventure at Big School. Happy Shopping.


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